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StaffAlert™ enables anyone to get help with the push of a button.

StaffAlert™ enables anyone to get help with the push of a button.

The most common feature is StaffAlert, which request the immediate attention of medical responders when called for a medical emergency or request assistance from the campus police when a fight or a brawl takes place. This feature is used daily throughout campuses.


ContactAlert™ locates individuals with great accuracy, which helps to get help to the right location in the event of an incident.  Contact tracing is available for all people that wear the panic button badge. They only have to wear the device, nothing else. Visitors would wear the badge with the panic button disabled. Wearing the badge provides contact tracing for teachers, staff and visitors based on the location of contact and duration of contact.
Contact tracing utilizes the same underlying platform as CrisisAlert. There are no additional requirements or changes necessary to utilize contact tracing.

How CrisisAlert™ works

Our unique solution is incredibly powerful at getting help at a touch of a button for your entire staff and faculty.

Press the button three times to alert administration when a health or student conflict arises. Or continually press the button for campus wide emergency lock down. Watch video below for details.

Educational Application

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