What is a Crisis Alert System ?

CrisisAlert'" is a crisis management platform that allows anyone to request assistance or initiate emergency protocols from anywhere instantly.
Proprietary technology casts a protective web over the entire campus, independent of  existing WiFi, network or infrastructure.It leverages mobile and desktop applications along with a mesh network of Smart ID badges, strobes and locator beacons to provide campus and district-wide protection.

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Crisis Alert or Emergency Notification System Comparison

By request, we are compiling a detail, none bias evaluation of the major crisis alert systems in the market.  The detail results will be posted here and will include system description along with pictures and videos.  Please send any questions or thoughts about what you would like to see in this review (email to info@iCrisisAlert.com or via text to 407.288.6124).

Unprotected Campus

Unprotected Campus
Most private and public spaces are not protected.

Patent Mesh Installed

Patent Mesh Installed
Average size campus can be installed in 8 hours.

100% Indoor Protection

100% Indoor Protection
24/7 coverage of 100% indoor buildings.

100% Outdoor Protected

100% Outdoor Protected
The entire outdoor is also protected with the CrisisAlert mesh network.

CrisisAlert Explained

Our unique solution is incredibly powerful at getting help at a touch of a button for your entire staff and faculty.
Press the button three times to alert administration when a health or student conflict arises. Or continually press the button for campus wide emergency lock down. Watch video for details.


Participates in active shooter drill in Tampa, FL

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